Tips for Vastu

We present valuable Tips for Vastu Shastra for your information, found invaluable at first but later people realized their importance and their effect on our lives. Only those who have suffered at the hands of destiny and fate can tell how much they have lost due to their ignorance and disbelief. It is better to prepare and embrace ourselves to prepare any situation under the sun other than waiting for a disaster to happen and then cry in vain.

Vastu is like a science that should not be practiced without expert advice and guidance. It is therefore vital to consult a vastu shastra expert before setting foot on this territory and losing something because of sheer foolishness

Tips for Selecting a plot:

Avoid buying land with Black clay soil, otherwise the foundations will be weak and the construction would not stand long time. If the structure is NOT healthy and its vastu is disturbed it cannot work.Also avoid buying a plot if there is no ground water available.

The following plots are inauspicious:

  • 1. Oval type plots.
  • 2. Triangular plots.
  • 3. Unshaped plots which are cut at Eshan ( North-east) corner.
  • 4. Round shaped plots.
  • 5. Polygonal plots.
  • 6. Rounded north-east corner plots.
  • 7. Plots raised (increasing) at Agneya (Southeast) corner.
  • 8. Plots raised at vayavya(northwest) corner.
  • 9. Heavy raising at southwest corner plots.
  • 10. Heavy digs at southwest corners.
  • 11. South to North at west side higher than the south to north at east side plots.
  • 12. More slope from north to south side plots or sites.
  • 13. More slope from east to west side plots.
  • 14. Heavy digs at south side plots.
  • 15. Heavy sump at west side plots.
  • 16. Mountains at north side plots.
  • 17. Heavy rocks at east side plots.
  • 18. Heavy mountain stones at Eshan side plots.
  • 19. River at south side plots.
  • 20. River at west side plots.
  • 21. River at southwest side plots.
  • 22. Heavy buildings or apartments at north side plots.
  • 23. Heavy buildings at east side plots.
  • 24. Heavy buildings at Eshan side plots.
  • 25. Two sides i.e., either north & south sides or east & west sides apartment plots.
  • 26. Slope from Eshan to Southwest (Nairuthi) corner plots.
  • 27. More open space at south side than north side plot.
  • 28. More open space at west side than east side plot.

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