Vastu for Hospital

During earlier days doctors used to enjoy the status equal to that of the almighty and people used to worship him but that was primitive. Nowadays we can see nursing homes and clinics at every nook and corner but the quality of service has touched a new low and their services have also declined with due course of time. The success of nursing homes depend a lot on the vastu of the place as it posseses healing properties and helps people recuperate within a short span of time. During the golden days people used to believe in "Vaidyo Narayano Hari" and that the doctor was god on earth but that ideology is no more prevalent due to the presence and availability of doctors almost at every place at any place.

The educated hardly believe in the theologies of vastu, feng shui or astrology but these are backed by facts and fiction and can be called a science or an art. These days even doctors follow the vastu shastra to attain success in their careers and achieve therapeutic properties healing hordes of people. They construct their clinics, nursing homes and residences keeping in mind the vastu tips and suggestions and many have shifted base because of absence of good vastu in a place. Skils and experience together coupled with vastu shastra can prove successful for any doctor and they completely abide by these formulae.

Good vastu fosters healing qualities in the patients and help them to get better at the earliest. Doctors work hard round the clock going to almost 16 to 18 hours and they are victims of stress and overload. They experience extreme working conditions and face situations that are harsh on them so they need a buffer system to release all the stress or to rely upon someone or something that provide them a feeling a security and mental well-being. They always feel the need to rely back on something once they get back from work and this can be done through vastu. Constructing their homes according to vastu principles and following some simple rituals can lead to a stress free life.

If the financial position is weak the staff suffers along with the management or authority and it brings havoc to the business. Ill feelings come in between the employees and between employer and employees. If the issues crop up more frequently then it raises bigger issues and forces the management to intervene or take the issue to another level. Different people at different positions satiate their egos and grudges and this leads to alterations and creates problems.

It is best to avoid such mishaps at workplace and consult an expert vastu consultant before embarking on any journey. Only then you should consider working there in proper harmony with the other employees and getting better results. Good vastu will always enlighten and highlight the hospital’s history and earn it a respected place in the society, if everything is done according to vastu shastra then that hospital or nursing home is sure to earn rave reviews and succeed in its purpose of serving people.


Consulting Room:

The doctors consulting room should be located in the South-West or South or West or North-west side of the building. He should always diagnose the patients facing North-east or East or North directions. He should always sit in the Southwest or south or west side only, and the patients sit before him making ‘L’ shape which is the most important aspect. This 'L' shape should rise towards the northeast direction. This will definitely bring prosperity to the head of the Institution or respective doctor.

Medical Equipments Room:

It should be located in the South-west, West or South side of the building at in a way that it rises above other structures on the floor.

Store Room:

This room should be in the South West, West or South, store room should always be constructed in a manner that it is elevated in comparison to other rooms on the floor.

Medical ward / ICU :

The emergency ward should be located in such a manner that the patients visit the hospital and land up in the room facing south-west which facilitates immediate healing.

The beds should be arranged at places according to vastu shastra so the patients place their heads in the South direction. Head should always be placed in the south, to get good vibrations and fasten the treatment process, provide immediate relief, if the patient is relieved of all sufferings that will be the main asset of the oral advertisement.

This unit should come in the South-west, south, west rooms only.

The pooja room should be located at eshan corner to avoid disturbing vastu if the main building.

Electrical Equipments:

Generator, Heaters etc., should be located in the South-east rooms.

Operation Theatres :

Operation Theatre can be located anywhere except Ishan, agneya, vayavya corners. The doctors should face East or North direction while doing the operations. Then the operations become quite easier and highly successful. The rate of success is more important for the hospital to attract and heal more patients which if goes well then acts as the best mode of free advertisement.

The machineries or equipments should be placed at the South-east side. The patients head should be placed at the South side at the timeof operation. All the apparatus should be kept in the South or South-west or west side of the patients’ bed.

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