Vastu for Home

Kitchen area

Ideally the kitchen should face the South-East, the direction of God of Fire. Alternatively, it can also be located in the North West. The Cook should face the East or the North direction while preparing a meal. All heating equipments should be installed in the South-East corner. The Main-switch, generators etc. should be located in the South-East corner of the house.


Wealth and cash should be stored in the North to boost the income and flow of wealth. If you face the north direction while storing or retrieving cash.

Puja Room

The Puja Room should be constructed in the North East direction. It can be located in the North or East direction. While worshipping, the person should face the East. Idols should not exceed 6 inches in height. One should never sleep in the Puja Room. This direction is ideal for Water storage. Thus underground water tanks, filter etc. should be kept in this direction.


The master bedroom should be located in the South. It should never be located in the North direction as it causes unrest in the family. The bed should be placed in such a way that while sleeping, the head faces the South. Alternatively, head can face the West. One should never sleep with his legs towards the South. The inmates should never take meals in the bedroom otherwise they suffer from bad health, especially while they sit on the bed while eating. Great care should be taken to avoid placing divine idols in the bedroom.

Jewellery and Heavy Machinery

Jewellery should be kept in a cupboard facing the South. It increases the wealth manifold. Heavy machinery and equipments should be kept in this part of the house. Old goods can also be stored in this direction.

Dining Hall

Dining Room should face the West which is ruled by Saturn and comes in the way of Bhooteshwara, the symbolic representation of the hungry. Trees can be planted in the same direction i.e. the West.


The bathroom should ideally be located in the East. Alternatively, it can be located in the North-West. But the bathroom should never be located in the North East. Wash basin etc. should be mounted on the Eastern wall of the bathroom. Geyser should be installed in the South-East corner.

Children's Room or study

Children's room should be in the North West. The study room can also be located in this direction. Overhead water tank can be placed in this direction. This direction is also ideal for storing grains and cattle.


The length of the land should not be more than twice the breadth. The land should not be too porous and avoid absorbing water too fast. The slope of the land should be such that water flows towards North-East. The house should not be constructed on a land which is a dead end.


The Main-Gate should have two panels. The main door should never open inside the house and should not be noisy or creaky. The total number of doors, windows and ventilators in the house should be even in number but should not end with a zero. If the front door frame is painted black, then the owner might have to face hardships. If the door has cracks or is too old, then the owner will have a tough time gaining respect in society.


If the steps leading to the entrance are damaged or broken, then the master of the house will face problems with his career and his expenses will soar. The staircase should ascend clockwise. The total no. of steps should be such that on division by 3, a remainder of 2 should be obtained.


Avoid using bright colors in the house. Always use soothing colors for painting the house. Do not put up paintings or photographs depicting war, sad faces, birds like owls, crows, pigeons and erotic pictures.

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